srijeda, 22. ožujka 2017.

Smoothy day

As a part of the Healthy future project, that aims healthy and sustainable food, we decided to welcome spring with recreation and favorite drink - Smoothie. Students have tried 7 different exercises and thought them awakened muscles  form hibernation. 
As a sign of encouragement after the completion of their workout they have won healthy and delicious smoothies, smoothed by culinary students. 

ponedjeljak, 20. ožujka 2017.

Students from "Slava Raškaj" Centar presented in school their experience during the culinary competition at Zadar. They gained new knowledge, made new friends and had a lot of fun.
Special guests were chefs from culinary association "Renato" who trained students for competition.
At the end of a presentation, the chef Matko Bukovec gave presents - the knives - to students, wishing them a lot of success in future cooking challenges.
Special thanx to this association "Renato" whose chefs had selflessly and voluntarily given their knowledge, expertise and time to our students aiming to improve their cooking skills. And for believing in our students!!

četvrtak, 9. ožujka 2017.

The adventure has begun!!!

Our students Jelena Krivokuća, Michael Gorički, Kristijan Papa and Driton Imeri together with their professors Diana Ivković, Brigita Jerić and Nina Šimunović arrived at Zadar to achieve new experiences and victories.
It took great afford defeat the OCTOPUS  which was a big challenge. Literally. Octopus was defeated and prepared as stew. The team has enjoyed working together with students from Finland and Zadar, and they created a new culinary story. Follow us for details on our blog project: